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ACTION-83 + ACTION-85 status (technicalorgameasures)




ACTION-97 (was: ACTION-89)


ConsentReceipt: ULD slides for F2F meeting

DPVCG call tomorrow

dpvcg-ACTION-100: Find urls for gdpr articles.

dpvcg-ACTION-101: Check after next telco, which terms relate how to special vocabularies (initially link them with rdfs:seealso

dpvcg-ACTION-102: Copy definitions for storagelocation and storageduration from special for now.

dpvcg-ACTION-78: Tell us which sessions she plans to join.

dpvcg-ACTION-79: Discuss with harsh how/whether to use github as a template.

dpvcg-ACTION-80: Prepare a templte for the spreadsheet.

dpvcg-ACTION-81: Put internet scope/wider scope on the agenda tomorrow.

dpvcg-ACTION-82: Compile the owl file for the nace r2 codes.

dpvcg-ACTION-83: (with the help/review) of axel, put results of the technicalorganisationalmeasures session to thespreadsheet

dpvcg-ACTION-84: Create a first version of personal data complete ontology.

dpvcg-ACTION-85: Create first version of complete technicalorgameasures

dpvcg-ACTION-86: Clean first complete version of legal basis

dpvcg-ACTION-87: Make a proposal alternatively use gics instead of nace.

dpvcg-ACTION-88: Put list of processing types into processing vocab on spreadsheet, merge with spcial terms, add descriptions.

dpvcg-ACTION-89: Finish base ontology by next call (within 2 weeks)

dpvcg-ACTION-90: Finish technical organisational measures part in the spreadsheet by next call

dpvcg-ACTION-91: Provide his conversion of nace as rdfs/owl

dpvcg-ACTION-92: Finish personal data categories and transfer what we agreed upon to the spreadsheet.

dpvcg-ACTION-93: Drive discussion on recipients, data controllers, data subjects forward

dpvcg-ACTION-94: Finish purposes.

dpvcg-ACTION-95: Complete legal basis

dpvcg-ACTION-96: Consolidate consent part.

dpvcg-ACTION-97: Define a process to get from spreadsheets to spec.

dpvcg-ACTION-98: Define process for feedback in spec document.

dpvcg-ACTION-99: Look into where to publish our cg spec, and how to redirect from the namespace doc to the spec.

explicit consent according to the GDPR

FIHR - GDPR dev/approach.

Fwd: dpvcg-ACTION-68: consent elements

Fwd: Re: dpvcg-ACTION-66: Look into structuring processing categories, ramisa, bud, eva to help/review.

Fwd: Re: Taxonomy of legal bases

Irish DPA - Guidance on Processing /Risk

ISSUE-13: Decide later whether we need sub-namespaces for different subtaxonomies

ISSUE-14: We may want to add a non-normative comment in the spec that/how the taxonomy can be used as skos.

ISSUE-15: Personal data cateories collected might be collected in an approximate manner (e.g. age vs. age range), should we provide a mechanism in the vocabulary to distinguish this?

ISSUE-16: Do we need to further structure consent notice?

ISSUE-17: Do we need further temporal annotations for the personal data handling class?

ISSUE-18: Do we need further temporal annotations for the personal data handling class?

Item of Interest - Relevant to Consent Discussion

Item of Interest: Security Measures, Organisational and Technical Measures

Next call: May 7 (Re: DPVCG call tomorrow)

ontology "population" template for tomorrow...

structure form to consolidate taxonomies

Taxonomy of legal 6bases

Taxonomy of legal bases

Telcon Today agenda

Vienna meeting and next Telecon (was: Re: No telcon today)

W3C TPAC 2019 - Will your Community Group meet in Fukuoka?

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