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Problems with and Bert Bos (Tuesday, 30 November)

[RC3] Empty <tbody> in several border-collapse-dynamic-* testcases; inline style Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 28 November)

Data mining the test harness... Peter Linss (Thursday, 25 November)

Proposed adjustment for first 26 at-charset testcases (was Re: at-charset-013) Gérard Talbot (Thursday, 25 November)

inlines-003 Chris Lilley (Thursday, 25 November)

first-letter-non-punctuation-001 awkward Chris Lilley (Thursday, 25 November)

border-collapse-dynamic-cell-001 has no pass criteria Chris Lilley (Thursday, 25 November)

before-after-display-types-001 pass criteria Chris Lilley (Thursday, 25 November)

margin-collapse-157 probably invalid L. David Baron (Wednesday, 24 November)

contradictions between clearance tests L. David Baron (Wednesday, 24 November)

bad pass conditions in margin-collapse-123/125 L. David Baron (Wednesday, 24 November)

at-charset-013 Chris Lilley (Wednesday, 24 November)

first-page-selectors-003 Øyvind Stenhaug (Wednesday, 24 November)

background-intrinsic-005 Øyvind Stenhaug (Wednesday, 24 November)

background-intrinsic-004 Øyvind Stenhaug (Wednesday, 24 November)

[RC3] font-weight-normal/bolder/lighter tests have a missing image John Daggett (Wednesday, 24 November)

[RC3] absolute-non-replaced-height-003 and absolute-non-replaced-max-height-003 : vertical centering Gérard Talbot (Wednesday, 24 November)

Re: margin-collapse-108 makes invalid assumptions about rounding fantasai (Tuesday, 23 November)

Re: border-collapse-inherited-001 makes invalid assumptions about UA style sheet fantasai (Tuesday, 23 November)

Re: user-stylesheet-015 invalid because it assumes other rules not present at user level fantasai (Tuesday, 23 November)

Re: floats-137 invalid fantasai (Tuesday, 23 November)

Re: direction-unicode-bidi-028 probably invalid fantasai (Tuesday, 23 November)

Re: absolute-non-replaced-width-008, absolute-non-replaced-width-009 and background-intrinsic-001 fantasai (Tuesday, 23 November)

[css3-fonts] ParhaMr. (Friday, 19 November)

[RC3] Multiple rendering references for testcases: eg block-in-inline-* Gérard Talbot (Saturday, 20 November)

[RC3] containing-block-017 and containing-block-003 not testing what they are supposed to test Gérard Talbot (Friday, 19 November)

Re: inlines-009, inlines-010 probably invalid fantasai (Friday, 19 November)

Re: active-selector-002 invalid fantasai (Friday, 19 November)

active-selector-001 invalid fantasai (Friday, 19 November)

Re: Implementation report for RC3 on IE9 Platform preview 7 Linss, Peter (Friday, 19 November)

Zero passing or One passing browser tests Arron Eicholz (Thursday, 18 November)

Improvements to the CSS2.1 test harness landed Peter Linss (Thursday, 18 November)

[RC3] bidi-text-decoration-underline-001 presume links underlined by default Gérard Talbot (Thursday, 18 November)

[RC3] top-offset-002 assert text Gérard Talbot (Wednesday, 17 November)

content-counter[s]-010 invalid; 7000 in Armenian L. David Baron (Wednesday, 17 November)

tests that are invalid because of dependence on subpixel metrics of Ahem font L. David Baron (Wednesday, 17 November)

[RC3] Test files not placed in any Chapter-*.xht Robert Stam (Wednesday, 17 November)

[RC3] images mising. Robert Stam (Wednesday, 17 November)

[RC3] content-attr-case-002 Robert Stam (Tuesday, 16 November)

lang-selector-006 Øyvind Stenhaug (Tuesday, 16 November)

height-applies-to-00[123] Øyvind Stenhaug (Tuesday, 16 November)

invalid comments among declaration blocks Alan Gresley (Friday, 12 November)

Re: replaced-intrinsic-ratio-001 probably invalid L. David Baron (Wednesday, 10 November)

[RC3] blocks-017 inaccurate height of wrapping div Gérard Talbot (Wednesday, 10 November)

[RC3] embedded SVG elements. Robert Stam (Tuesday, 9 November)

[RC3] SVG files in support folder. Robert Stam (Tuesday, 9 November)

[RC3] z-index-abspos-00? have no declared pass condition Gérard Talbot (Tuesday, 9 November)

[RC3] c524-font-var-000 should be corrected Gérard Talbot (Monday, 8 November)

[RC3] before-after-table-whitespace-001 invalid Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 7 November)

[RC3] before-after-images-001 invalid [Addendum] Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 7 November)

[RC3] before-after-images-001 invalid Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 7 November)

[RC3] before-after-floated-001 relies on CSS3 double-colon grammar for pseudo-element Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 7 November)

[RC3] before-after-dynamic-attr-001 relies on CSS3 double-colon pseudo-element Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 7 November)

[RC3] background-bg-pos-205 Gérard Talbot (Saturday, 6 November)

[RC3] content-160 Gérard Talbot (Friday, 5 November)

[RC3] assert of absolute-non-replaced-height-004 ; numbers-units-008 rejectable Gérard Talbot (Thursday, 4 November)

[RC3] background-intrinsic-00?.* doesn't test at-rule. Robert Stam (Wednesday, 3 November)

[RC3] numbers-units-014 again Gérard Talbot (Tuesday, 2 November)

Re: [css3-selectors] What's the point of :empty? Boris Zbarsky (Tuesday, 2 November)

[CSS21] Computed value of top/right/bottom/left for position:static Øyvind Stenhaug (Tuesday, 2 November)

RE: [RC3] background-position-202 invalid; comma not a valid separator in CSS 2.1 Arron Eicholz (Monday, 1 November)

400 in list-style-type:georgian Øyvind Stenhaug (Monday, 1 November)

RE: CSS2.1 RC3 Published Robert Stam (Monday, 1 November)

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