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[CDR Framework] i18n comment: Language identification for child documents

[CDR] Identification and Versioning

[CDR] Typos/Grammar

[WICD Core 1.0] Section 5.1

[WICD] comments

[WICD] comments (Action 405 Action 406 Action 407)

[WICD] events

[WICD] still-image rendering

[WICDMobile] CDR DOM interfaces

CDR DOM interfaces

CDR Framework: Last Call Comments

CDR: "individual DOMs in isolation"

CDR: Appendix B lacks testable conformance criteria for user agents

CDR: conflicting definitions of the target attribute

CDR: does disabled access lead to null or an exception?

CDR: grammatical errors in profile conformance criteria

CDR: Introduction, "examples of compound documents"

CDR: language about compound documents and child documents

CDR: referencingElement name

CDR: Security exceptions and events

CDR: style and precision problems in definitions appendix

CDR: who is the audience?

Comments on "WICD Full/Mobile 1.0"

XLink 1.1: behaviour of simple links without a show attribute

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