Re: Comments on "WICD Full/Mobile 1.0"

* Kevin E Kelly wrote:
>We are planning to republish the four drafts as soon as we process the 
>last call comments.

It seems you are saying the Working Group won't be able to publish
updated drafts in accord with W3C's heartbeat requirement; I then
look forward to the Working Group's status report explaining why.

>In reference to 
> we are 
>processing all the comments.  Are there specific comments that have not 
>been addressed?  If so please make us aware of them but each comment is 
>assigned to someone who should have followed up with you.  Does this 
>satisfy that comment?

I mean most of the comments posted to this list from March to December.
I've been looking for publicly archived responses that formally address
these comments and a statement from the various reviewers that they are
satisfied by the response. I checked the list archive but was unable to
find these responses. The last call announcement implies that the group
addressed those comments, I'm just wondering why they are not in the
list archive and would appreciate a pointer to the responses.

>It would be more helpful if you placed a single comment in each email 
>instead of combining many comments into few emails.  It is becoming quite 
>confusing understanding what part of which of your emails still needs to 
>be responded to and which do not.  Perhaps you would consider all current 
>comments satisfied and then resubmit any missing comments when the new 
>drafts are published?  Please advise.

I'm not satisfied by any of the responses, and I don't really know why
most of the issues I've raised got rejected, as pointed out in my re-
sponse. If the Working Group thinks splitting the discussion into
multiple mails makes the discussion more readable, feel free to do so.
As I said, updated drafts would help a lot at this point.
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