Re: [CDR] Identification and Versioning

"Anne van Kesteren" <> wrote on 01/20/2006 01:31:36 PM:
> Regarding <>, 
> is not clear to me why this is needed. Mostly, host languages already 
> cover fallback scenario's. In XHTML for example the contents of the 
> <object> element will be rendered when the resource is not supported or 
> not available. I suggest to drop the section or simply say that it is 
> expected that host languages will cover possible problems of 
> "identification".
Thanks for the comment.

The topic of content identification and versioning is important to many of 
the WG members and has consumed a fair amount of internal discussion.  It 
was decided that we should at least provide an informative section in the 
CDR framework.  The section already indicates that existing host/root 
language mechanisms should be utilized if they exist.

We plan to keep the this informative section as it is currently worded.

Please let us know within two weeks if this reply does not address your 

Steve Speicher
On behalf of CDF WG


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