Re: [WICD Core 1.0] Section 5.1

Hello Bjoern,

	The issues with the questions covered 2 main points:

1) The referencing of 2 SVG objects from one referencing element inside
   a block. There are a great many HTML pages which reference a plurality
   of images within a single containing block via use of the 'img'
   element. This is no different. I can't see that the spec. requires
   any additional text to state this.
2) The other point was sizing of 2 objects to 100% and how they fit into
   a containing block. This is well-defined in CSS and therefore need not
   be duplicated in the WICD Core document.

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>* Alex Danilo wrote:
>>	Thanks for your comments. You ask a number of questions, I'll
>>try to address each of them.
>I'm afraid it's not really clear from your response what, if anything,
>has been changed in the draft to ensure that no other reader of the
>document would have the same questions, or why the Working Group thinks
>no changes are necessary. Could you elaborate on this?
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