Re: [WICD] comments (Action 405 Action 406 Action 407)

Hello Bert.

Here a list of text changes in WICD Core, based on your comments.

>> 2) 3 Scalable Child Elements
>> I think the most common presentation of "scalable child elements"  
>> is not
>> to fit the screen, but to be shown inline in an HTML (or in this  
>> case:
>> WICD) document. Even if they are shown on their own, a typical  
>> computer
>> will show them in a window, not full-screen.

The text was updated to read "...appear as rectangular objects, which  
in their normal presentation, can always fit the screen or  
destination box...". We added 'destination box' for user agents  
making use of windows, but we kept 'screen' for agents, like mobile  
devices, which do not make use of windows.

> 4) Still-image Rendering
> What is the default value for the "render" parameter?

The following was added: "Dynamic rendering is the default behavior."

> 5) 3.2.2 Scalable Background Image
> The text says that the order of the values becomes significant when  
> the
> 'background' shorthand property is used. That's not true. (The  
> order of
> the position values may be significant, but that is already the  
> case in
> the 'background-position' property.)

The words "the order is then significant" have been removed.

> 8) 4 Other Child Element Formats
> "Any audio or video format supported by the device": Do you mean UA
> instead of device? My device is capable of many formats, but I would
> have to install the right software first...

The text has been updated to read "Any audio or video format  
supported by the user agent...".

> 9) 7.2 Font Naming
> "There are typically less fonts available": less -> fewer

Fixed typo.

I hope the applied changes address your concerns. Should you have  
further comments regarding this section we would appreciate feedback  
within two weeks.


Received on Tuesday, 7 March 2006 10:16:56 UTC