Re: Comments on "WICD Full/Mobile 1.0"

* Kevin E Kelly wrote:
>[KEK] I am confused by this comment. As stated above, we plan to publish 
>a set of working drafts with the LC comments changes in them so you and
>others can see the results of the LC comment changes before we move to CR.
>Is this not exactly what you are asking for?

It seems I expressed myself badly, what I mean are the requirements from

  Each Working Group MUST publish a new draft of at least one of its
  active technical reports on the W3C technical reports index [PUB11]
  at least once every three months.
  In exceptional cases, the Chair MAY ask the Director to be excused
  from this publication requirement. However, in this case, the Working
  Group MUST issue a public status report with rationale why a new draft
  has not been published.

>[KEK] The CDF WG is working to respond to all comments including those 
>from previous working drafts. Are there specific comments you have made
>that have not been responded to?

  A document receives review from the moment it is first published.
  Starting with the First Public Working Draft until the start of a
  Last Call review, a Working Group SHOULD formally address any
  substantive review comment about a technical report and SHOULD do
  so in a timely manner.

I assume that the responses you've described as forthcoming e.g. in


can be found somewhere. But none of the seven messages in the list
archives posted between those announcements and the publication of
the last call announcement formally address those comments. So all
I'm asking for is clarification why I'm unable to find responses
that formally address these comments in the list archive.

>[KEK] You state you don't like the responses from the WG that you get, 
>but you seem to be providing comments to the group that are not comments 
>you expect a response to. notes that this list
is for "Public discussion of issues related to the Compound Document
Formats Working Group and Activity." So yes, some postings to this
list are not meant to be substantive review comments on one of the
deliverables of the Working Group.
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