Re: CDR: "individual DOMs in isolation"

Hello Bjoern,

>>"Each child document DOM generates its own scripting execution context.
>>Each child DOM script execution context provides access to its
>>corresponding global object.
>>The CSS style-sheet cascade is applied to each DOM in isolation. CSS
>>property inheritance is inhibited at inclusion boundaries."
>What is the right term here, "DOM script execution context" or just
>"script execution context" and where is it defined? I could not find

These are general computer science terms which for the intended
audience of the spec. should not require definition.

A script is parsed into an internal representation such as stack based
byte-code, etc. That internal representation is executed within some
'execution context'. This is the state for the execution of the script.

I do not believe that the spec. should be responsible for defining well
understood terms that an implementer should have a sound grasp of.

Similarly, execution context for a script is a general thing that does
not have to have any form of DOM - perl for example. So I believe the
structure of the sentence implies that each document generates a single
execution context for script which is the intention.

>either term defined in the draft. Also, "inclusion boundaries" does
>not seem to be defined in the draft.

The term inclusion boundaries came from Maciej's email and seemed to
me self-explanatory however if it non-obvious I would appreciate suggested

>"Style sheet" is two words with
>no hyphen per btw.

Thanks for that correction.

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