Re: [CDR] Typos/Grammar

Hi Jeff,

It appears that you were commenting on our previous public draft at:

See inline responses below...

Jeff Schiller <> wrote on 01/30/2006 01:59:51 PM:

> 1) "Compound Document Framework 1.0" ( is
> actually titled "Compound Document by Reference Framework 1.0".  CDI
> is mentioned in this document.

Section "1 Compound Document Framework" is intended to give a general 
overview of 'compound documents', which is why it refers to CDI.  Section 
2 is the section regarding CDR and associated normative text.

We plan to have these sections titled
  1 Compound Document Framework 1.0
  2 Compound Document by Reference (CDR)
> 2) 1.5 - missing informative or normative statement

In LC public draft, this section has been removed
> 3) Typos/Grammar:
>     1.6 - "therefor" => "therefore"
>     1.6.1 - "An different version number" => "A different version 
> 4) 1.6.1 - you mention TWICE that no specified version number means 

In LC public draft, 1.6.* section has been completely rewritten.

Thanks for your comments.  Please let us know within 2 weeks if this does 
not address your comment.

Steve Speicher on behalf of the CDF WG 


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