Re: [WICD Core 1.0] Section 5.1

Dear Jeff,

	Thanks for your comments. You ask a number of questions, I'll
try to address each of them.

>I have several questions/issues with the second example.  In this
>example, 2 SVG documents are being included with a requested
>width="100%".  a) Is it even possible to include two SVG documents in
>the same containing box?

Yes. Each SVG object is an in-flow object and so can be contained
within a containing block. Perhaps the word 'box' should be replaced
by 'block' to clarify this.


Each referenced SVG file is referenced by a single referencing
element, e.g. the <object> tag.

For example:

  <object data="icon.svg" type="image/svg+xml" width="100%" />
  <object data="icon.svg" type="image/svg+xml" width="100%" />

A way to look at the sizing example is that each of the child SVG
objects scale themselves to the size of their containing block (100%)
and then they are positioned as in-flow objects.

>Especially since you earlier state
>that an element can only reference one child document.  What would
>this mean for the DOM interface ReferencingElement which would somehow
>have to refer to 2 child documents?

As you can see in the example above this isn't the case. There is a single
referencing element for each child document.

>b) 5.2 talks about Leftover
>Margins, yet your diagram for this example violates that (the two
>documents are not centered horizontally) - what would be the behavior
>with multiple documents included anyway?

The behaviour is such that each child document is sized from its
containing block, and then they are all treated as in-flow objects which
are laid out into CSS line-boxes.

When line-breaks occur, the set of child documents which fit on the line-box
are aligned as a set. Each child document is just like an image or a glyph
or whatever and is positioned as part of the set of objects on the line.

>c) What would be the
>behavior in this particular example if the 2 SVG documents are much
>taller than they are wide?  In other words, if scaling the width of
>the documents to 100% would breach the containing box, would the
>behavior be to scale the SVG documents by their height such that they
>fit in the containing box (even though requested width was 100%) or
>would there be an overflow?

I'm not totally sure of your question here, but the desired behaviour
is that the width is scaled to the width of its containing block and
so the height would be reduced to ensure the aspect ratio and width
of 100% is honoured.

If there is a fixed height and a percentage width and aspect ratio
restrictions which result in the image being wider than the containing
block then I expect that the CSS 'overflow' property would apply
with respect to display of overflow content.

I hope this answer addresses your concerns. Should you have any
further comments regarding this section we would appreciate
feedback within two weeks.

Thanks and best regards,
Alex Danilo

Received on Friday, 3 March 2006 14:20:54 UTC