notes for 6/6 until 1:10

Chair: Guus Schreiber
Scribe:  Chris Welty

1) Join call/attendance/admin (10 min)

- regrets: Dean, Finin, Gibbins, Hellman, Klein, McGuinness, Smith
(ChrisW regrets volunteering to scribe)
Guus will scribe the roll.  Don't forget Darth Vader's presence.  Next 
time we should add Yoda in order to acheive "balance"

- ISWC / telecon Jun 13

Ian will provide a speakerphone for Jun 13th telecon.  Roughly 10 people 
to be at ISWC for that call, including chairs.  They will likely be 
intoxicated.  DanC will chair the telecon, and produce an agenda.  Dan 
will not be intoxicated.

- WOWG schedule revision

2) ACTION item review
    (chair, 10 min)

ACTION Connolly: to arrange direct CVS access for
appropriate members [Jeremy Carroll, Jos de Roo] of the test focus
area to that repository.

DanC: ToClass progress.  ("ToClass" renamed "some")

ACTION Deborah McGuinness, Frank van Harmelen, Pat Hayes:
         coedit level 1 document as draft to WG

In progress.

ACTION Jim Hendler - find editor for D+O document


ACTION Jon Borden to send email to RDF Core and WebOnt with DT review.
   (action completed, need URIs for the log)


ACTION Dan Connolly - set up "vote" on name replacements for 
hasClass/toClass (note: just a straw poll, not a binding WG vote)

in progress

ACTION Peter Patel-Schneider to send message to Webont mailing list 
with latest version of abstract syntax/features document


ACTION  Heflin, DeRoos to review Full Feature Document

in progress.  Heflin has sent comments.

ACTION: Patel-Schneider, Hendler, Volz to review Gibbins RDFS 
document, Gibbins to send to RDFS comments thereafter.

in progress

ACTION Heflin to update requirements document by June 13; Welty, 
Hellman to review.

in progress

ACTION: - Heflin, Carroll, Borden to review XML Presentation Syntax 

in progress.  JimH and DanC will review as well.

New Section - Issue action review

ISSUE ACTIONS (Mike Smith to edit into document)
  Issue 4.5 Inverse of -- Dan Connolly resolution + amendment as logged
>(a) ISSUE InverseOf
>Proposed resolution by Dan Connoly:

At 5:47 PM -0400 6/4/02, Jim Hendler wrote:
>Issue 5.11
>b) ISSUE hasClass/ToClass-names
>DanC is issue owner


3) Multi-part agenda item -- ISSUE CLEANUP 1.1 - 3.4 (30 min, Hendler)

3a) Proposal to close issue 1.1 Variables

Resolution: closed issue.  None opposed.

3b) Proposal to close issue 2.1 URI naming of instances
Status: No comments raised on mailing list

Discussion: danC thinks this is related to pointing to parts of an XML 
Schema element.  PFPS is "not unhappy" with the proposal.  JeffH asked if 
an update to requirements doc is needed, the answer seemed to be "no." 
(JeffH undoubtedly "not unhappy" about that)
Resolution: closed issue.  None opposed.

3c) Proposal to close issue 2.3 Adding Properties to Other Classes
Status: Wording changes proposed by Jeff Heflin in
New Proposal: CLOSE with amended wording (per Jeff msg):
  Our Working group has decided to use RDF/XML as our exchange
framework and that the semantics of our documents will be carried by
the triple store corresponding to this document (see resolutions of 
second face to face meeting). The basic RDF model [1] allows 
documents to refer to and extend the resources defined in other 

Discussion: DanC wanted a test case, for each feature there should be one.
Resolution: Closed issue.  None opposed.

3d) Proposal to close issue 2.4 - Enumerated Classes (daml:oneOf)
Status: No discussion on WG.

Discussion: DanC opposed to closing issue.  Ian expressed "no opinion" on 
closing the issue, merely posted some information (see  Ian 
will send a an example of what he meant for the benefit of smaller-brained 
mammals.  Dan will reconsider a test case posted by Jos.
Resolution: None.  Issue still open.

3e) Proposal to close issue 3.1 - Local Restrictions
status: No discussion on mailing list.

Discussion: DanC says this is necessary to meet the cardinality 
Resultion: closed.  None opposed.

3f) Proposal to eradicate issue 3.3 (Daml:DisjointFrom) from issues list
Mike Dean has suggested a change, and closing text in:
New proposal: CLOSE with Mike Dean's wording

Discussion: DanC wants a test case for all features.  PFPS doesn't think 
absence of test cases should interfere with closing an issue.  DanC 
disagrees, but not strongly enough to do the test case.
Resolution: closed.  None opposed (strongly enough).

3g) Proposal to close issue 3.4 daml:UnambiguousProperty
Status: DanC points out a missed fact:
New proposal: CLOSE with amended wording:
   daml:UnambiguousProperty is motivated by the "cardinality 
constraints" requirement in
No one has advocated its removal and
there does seem to be consensus it is a desirable feature.  It is
provided for in DAML+OIL and will be provided in OWL.

Discussion: DanC thinks related to the cardinality requirement.  Needs to 
be renamed.  FrankvH offered to raise the renaming as a new issue. DanC 
believed more expedient to add renaming as part of the issue. 
Resolution: Issue left open.  FrankvH to own issue and add a discussion of 

4) Proposal to POSTPONE issue 4.8 Trust and Ontology
Proposal: This issue was raised by a comment to public-webont-comments:
The issue is an important one, but beyond the scope of this WG. 
Someone should take the ACTION to write this up for the issues 

Discussion:  Issue needs an owner.  Jim responded to the outside poster 
citing wording in the requirements document that this is important, but 
outside our scope.  DanC was happy with this.  What trust means was 
discussed briefly.  Most agreed it was out of scope.  Evan and Laurent 
objected initially to closing the issue.  Evan thought there are some 
important issues regarding trust we should allow in the language.  JimH 
said that the languages allows for "tags it doesn't understand" and that 
groups of users can agree amongst themselves to use certain tags to 
represent trust, since RDF lets us refer to expressions themselves and say 
things about them.  Laurent raised, I believe, the idea of confidence 
values as a part of the language.  Jim seemed to convince him that "saying 
things about ontologies" was enough, or that more was outside our scope.

Resolution: closed issue.  JimH will own it.  None opposed.

5) Document Review (10 min)
   Updates/Reports on any of the pending documents:
    Compliance Level 1 (Frank vH - regrets from Deb M.)

Discussion: FrankvH would like to have a concrete proposal on the table 
for the f2f to be voted on once and for all.  DLM has extended the 
document with a "bold" proposal ("bold" believed not to refer to the font) 
to add local ranges and cardinality.  This pushes up the expressiveness 
and thereby the complexity.  Local ranges is still an open issue for the 
full language, however.  DanC thinks local ranges key for level 1, but not 
cardinality, for "his applications".  JimH thinks card. is important for 
medical domain - "they want the medical equivalent of saying a baseball 
team has nine players."  Whether level 1 description should be a separate 
document or part of the full language description was also discussed. JimH 
believe strongly that it should be separate, since the reason for a level 
1 is to make it possible to come into OWL quickly and easily.  PFPS stated 
dramatically that having a second document destroyed the purpose of 
compliance level 1, which is to make implementors lives easier.  Ian 
concurred.  Their point seemed to be that implementors are different from 
users in that they don't need a simpler "nice and easy" document.  This 
raised the issue of who the document is for, implementors (who, while not 
smart enough to implement the full language, are smart enough to read only 
a subset of a large document and implement it) or users (who are not smart 
enough to be able to read only a subset of a document).

Resolution: none.

[At this point the scribe had to leave on urgent business critical to the 
survival of our universe as we know it]

[subsequent scribe should have these: ]
    OWL V 1.0 Reference (Jim H.)
    OWL Full Feature Syntax (Peter P-S)
    UML presentation Syntax (Guus)
    XML presentation Syntax (Peter P-S)

6) Reponse to DT document from RDF Core/CG (5 min)
  summary: RDF Core likely to consider at f2f in Bristol, CG to take 
no action before then.

7) A.O.B.

- scribe for June 13 (or cancellation of meeting)

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