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Fwd: [apps-discuss] Working Group Last Call: draft-ietf-appsawg-uri-get-off-my-lawn Mark Nottingham (Friday, 31 January)

Fall back strategy for manifest Marcos Caceres (Monday, 27 January)

Packaging on the Web Jeni Tennison (Tuesday, 21 January)

Input Paper for STRINT Daniel Appelquist (Monday, 20 January)

On DRM and "digital ghettos" Konstantinov Sergey (Monday, 20 January)

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January 16 teleconference minutes Anne van Kesteren (Thursday, 16 January)

Re: Standardizing on IDNA 2003 in the URL Standard Anne van Kesteren (Wednesday, 15 January)

Re: US FCC Chairman quoted as willing to support pay-for-priority on the Internet Eric J. Bowman (Tuesday, 14 January)

The legal status of linking and EC consultation Henri Sivonen (Tuesday, 14 January)

Re: [promises] Guidance on the usage of promises for API developers Takeshi Yoshino (Tuesday, 14 January)

Guidance on the usage of promises for API developers Domenic Denicola (Monday, 13 January)

Ending DTD proliferation at the W3C Michael[tm] Smith (Monday, 13 January)

introducing myself David Herman (Monday, 13 January)

TAG election results Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 9 January)

Origin-scoped cache/cookie/storage context Anne van Kesteren (Thursday, 9 January)

Re: A new HTTP response code say 209 Henry Story (Thursday, 9 January)

Re: Draft for note to send to Push API editors/authors Anne van Kesteren (Monday, 6 January)

Re: Current TAG election Robin Berjon (Thursday, 2 January)

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