January 16 teleconference minutes

Somewhat readable: http://www.w3.org/2014/01/16-tagmem-minutes.html

Also somewhat readable:


   PL: Any comments on the F2F minutes?
   ... Anyone had a chance to review them yet?

   <slightlyoff> I haven't reviewed them...

   <slightlyoff> happy to approve

   PL: Does anyone want more time or should we just approve them
   as is?

   <twirl> Approve, I think

   AK: Happy to approve them, had a quick look

   RESOLUTION: London F2F minutes approved


   AR: I have done little since I landed the weekend.
   ... I plan to have my actions done by next week, as planned

   AK: I did some more work on URLs and revived the IDNA

   DD: Seems to be an interesting discussion

   <twirl> https://github.com/w3ctag/spec-reviews/blob/f362beea9bfd9b9ef657e0260b0ef38e3c4b7bcc/2013/08/Push%20API.md

   SK: I have a Push API review ^^
   ... I think we should approve the review and resolve this issue

   AK: I kinda forgot how we wrapped this up during the F2F

   AR: I was meant to follow up
   ... I'd like to see a new draft before we have a new discussion
   ... And I'd like to have a collective opinion on the northbound
   protocol (site server to push server)

   PL: I recall we asked them to set up an overall architecture
   document with regards to the protocols and API involved
   ... Anything else?

   <slightlyoff> I don't think we should until we have a
   conversation about how their API might look

   SK: Nope

   AR: I think we should give them another crack at a draft and
   then have a discussion with them

   twirl, you're not connected

   DKA: We agreed to work with Brian on the use of promises and
   service worker integration

   SK: We agreed that this part regarding the Push API in the
   browser should not be stopped by discussion on the northbound
   ... and the protocol between the UA and the push server

   <slightlyoff> wait, I thought UA/push-service was pretty
   clearly not in scope?

   slightlyoff, citation needed

   <slightlyoff> the entire debate over their charter?

   (Although personally I don't care much for that part)

   slightlyoff, the WebApps WG charter is super broad

   PL: What are our next steps here?

   SK: There's a big question considering service workers
   ... I don't know how to correctly resolve that

   <slightlyoff> next steps: we should work with them to get a new
   draft in place, ASAP

   <slightlyoff> and once they have that, we can try to identify
   outstanding issues

   <slightlyoff> (like northbound sketch)

   twirl, you dropped

   DKA: My status update; welcome to the new members!
   ... I want to give an update on the workshop between W3C and
   IETF on strengthening the internet against pervasive monitoring
   ... I'm on the program committee!
   ... The deadline for submissions is Monday
   ... I'd like to put something together for tomorrow

   <slightlyoff> seems I've dropped off

   DKA: If people could think of technologies that help strengthen
   web security that'd be useful for the workshop

   <slightlyoff> still watching here

   DKA: In particular, slightlyoff, if you could help me with that
   in the next few days that'd be great

   <slightlyoff> yes, I can

   DKA: I'm going to use the document we have in GitHub tomorrow
   and fill it out further

   PL: If you can let us know on when there's an update ready
   that'd be great

   DKA: will do

   <slightlyoff> sounds good

   <plinss> https://github.com/w3ctag/secure-the-web

   DD: I want to update the promises guide document this weekend
   and have it ready for review by Tuesday


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