Re: Draft for note to send to Push API editors/authors

On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 6:54 PM, Alex Russell <> wrote:
> I admit the bit where they hand a URL in is a bit of a fudge. I noted
> somewhere (can't' recall where) that they should have a generic (string?
> JSON?) payload and let apps do as they will (modulo size limits for the
> payload). But with that problem of generality solved, the overall thing
> becomes transport agnostic, and I should point out, with respect to the
> underlying message delivery system, started that way.
> This is a non-issue WRT their current draft, IMO.

I agree with Tim that punting on what protocol is going to be
implemented across actors would be unacceptable. Whether we define
them in the same draft or via reference is a technicality not worth
worrying about, but there has to be a baselines that is guaranteed to


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