Re: Guidance on the usage of promises for API developers

Looks pretty good to me - thanks, Domenic.
There are two moments, though, that should be clarified, in my opinion:
1. Correct and recommended way of casting promise arguments (with code sample)
2. Cases when promises should NOT be used (for example, using promises instead of events or for passing large amounts of data). 

14.01.2014, 02:51, "Domenic Denicola" <>:
> In the past, the TAG has discussed producing a document on how to use promises in spec text. There's even a placeholder on GitHub [1].
> In the process of writing the ES6 promises spec, I ended up producing such a document myself [2]. It feels like an OK start to me, with some great feedback from Marcos incorporated a month ago.
> I'd be happy to push this document forward as a more official TAG work product. Presumably we'd move it to its own repository and all that. But first, I'd love to solicit feedback from spec authors and readers on what's currently there, and what you think should be there. Is it clear? Is it useful? For those writing specs using promises, have they found its guidance helpful, or have they found other tips that would be good to include? Several of the "guidance" points were drawn from finding mistakes in existing drafts that use promises; are there more drafts we should review?
> Feedback much appreciated, either here, or as an issue on the spec repository where the document currently lives [3]. (Note that I'm mostly concerned with content for now; we can worry about formatting later.)
> [1]:
> [2]:
> [3]:

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