Re: The legal status of linking and EC consultation

On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 4:21 PM, Konstantinov Sergey
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> I don't understand purpose of this Consultations, since Berne Convention and
> its later additions (notably WIPO Copyright Treaty aka WCT) contain all answers
> to these questions. Do they want to change Berne Convention or mere to have
> a more detailed explanations of technical terms?

It's not clear to me how exactly the Commission envisions their
actions in response to this Consultation to interact with the Berne
Convention, but to me it looks like the general tone is that
especially when it comes to the realization of the Single Market (lack
thereof for audiovisual works at present) and when it comes to
competition issues, the Commission might be willing to take steps that
would end up limiting how sovereignly copyright holders are allowed to
exercise their exclusive right under Article 8 of the Berne

Henri Sivonen

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