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RE: Current TAG election Brian Kardell (Monday, 30 December)

TAG telcon minutes from 2013-12-19 Henry S. Thompson (Friday, 20 December)

Minutes from 19 December TC Daniel Appelquist (Friday, 20 December)

Responses to Push API Feedback from TAG SULLIVAN, BRYAN L (Thursday, 19 December)

A new HTTP response code say 209 Tim Berners-Lee (Thursday, 19 December)

FW: [push-api] Discussion with TAG on December 19 Daniel Appelquist (Monday, 16 December)

Draft for note to send to Push API editors/authors Alex Russell (Thursday, 12 December)

False claim in RDFa Core 1.1 Second Edition; FYN broken Jonathan A Rees (Wednesday, 11 December)

[Hosnieh Rafiee] [apps-discuss] new mailing list in security area Henry S. Thompson (Wednesday, 11 December)

Re: [Json] Response to Statement from W3C TAG Bjoern Hoehrmann (Tuesday, 10 December)

Minutes from 5 December TC Daniel Appelquist (Monday, 9 December)

[Coralie Mercier] Cross-Origin Resource Sharing is a W3C Proposed Recommendation (Call for Review) Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 5 December)

US FCC Chairman quoted as willing to support pay-for-priority on the Internet Noah Mendelsohn (Thursday, 5 December)

Re: [Json] Consensus on JSON-text (WAS: JSON: remove gap between Ecma-404 and IETF draft) Phillip Hallam-Baker (Monday, 2 December)

Start of TAG election Ian Jacobs (Monday, 2 December)

[Coralie Mercier] W3C/IAB workshop on Strengthening the Internet Against Pervasive Monitoring (STRINT) (Call for Participation) Henry S. Thompson (Monday, 2 December)

Re: Unrestricted publishing in EME? Re: DRM, EDE, CDM, W3C and the TAG: Tim Berners-Lee (Sunday, 1 December)

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