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3023 update (was Re: Agenda TAG Telcon: 8th Nov 2004)

Addressing media files: the SMIL video element

Agenda TAG Telcon: 8th Nov 2004

Agenda: TAG f2f: 29/30 November 2004

Agenda: TAG Telcon: 15 Nov 2004

Agenda: TAG Telcon: 22 Nov 2004

Athens Olympics site policy regarding links to the site


Final draft version of AWWW? (Re: Summary of TAG activity from 1 Sep to 29 Oct 2004)

Last Two Mails

Methods on resources... am I abusing resources ?

MIME Type Review Request: image/svg+xml

Minutes TAG telcon 8 Nov 2004


rchitecture of the World Wide Web, First Edition is a W3C Proposed Recommendation

referendum on httpRange-14 (was RE: "information resource")

RFC3023 question

Summary of TAG activity from 1 Sep to 29 Oct 2004

Updated finding on xml:id

Updated rough draft finding on extensibility and versioning for F2F

URIS for Literals

URIS for Literals (was: Re: referendum on httpRange-14 (was RE: "information resource"))

WebArch print CSS changes

WS-Reliability specification submitted for OASIS Standard

XML Chunk Equality

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