Updated rough draft finding on extensibility and versioning for F2F

I've attached an updated finding on extensibility and versioning for
review at the TAG F2F.  Norm and I do not consider it finished by any
means, but will provide enough for the TAG to guide us on further work.
And I don't want to go any further without doing a check point on it.


The major changes:

- There are now 2 parts: schema language agnostic, and schema language
specific parts

- The focus is now more on compare and contrast various styles, rather
than "there is only 1".  There are 4 distinct component version
identification strategies described, including schemas.

- Addition of material on language designer choices and decisions.

- Many other tweaks and additions.


There's much more to do, such as adding RDF/OWL and RelaxNG.  I've done
a stab at those already, and intend to further that comparison work.
There's a lot of cleanup to be done.




Received on Friday, 26 November 2004 01:07:42 UTC