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[1.2] invalid SVGs

[ANN] svgl

[OT] XPath syntax (was: Re: Request for path having child paths or being composed of point elements)

animating CSS vs XML attributes

animationMotion and animated transformlist

Call for paper Internet Imaging Conference

changes in USE elements

Clarification of Parameters to Relative Cubic Bezier Spline / Bug

color gradients

ContextMenu Additions / Interaction interface.

Errata for SVG Mobile

example with a human face

getSVGDocument error in DHTML Application


Help needed with HTML, Javascript and SVG

Leading/trailing whitespace

midPointStop documentation

Nested <pageset> ?

Question to formulation of SVG Mobile content

Request for onGlyphFailed Event

Request for path having child paths or being composed of point elements

stroke-dasharray delimiters

SVG 1.2 10 Alternate content based on display resolutions

SVG 1.2 11.4 Window Object

SVG 1.2 12.1.1 The Progress Event

SVG 1.2 7 Streaming

SVG 1.2 and CSS3

SVG 1.2 meta feedback

SVG 1.2 specs: Lots of <flowText> examples needed for revision!

SVG and Accessibility


svg example

SVG Mobile - Errata

SVG Mobile - Errata 2nd


SVG-Mobile in German


systemLanguage title/desc

Test - discard

Things I wanted to see in SVG 1.2, but aren't yet mentioned.


underline + tspan tag


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