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[www-svg] <none> Yardumian, Rick (Wednesday, 31 May)

Re: tspan -- adobe and ibm viewers have bugs Jon Ferraiolo (Wednesday, 31 May)

xml to svg using xslt Justin Friedl (Wednesday, 31 May)

Saving modifications through a web page Martin, Patrice (Tuesday, 30 May)

How To Create a SVG-File in JAVA? Bernd Grolig (Tuesday, 30 May)

korea ¹Ú·¡Èñ (Thursday, 1 June)

white papers ¹Ú·¡Èñ (Thursday, 1 June)

SVGDocument::title Steve Dickson (Monday, 29 May)

#REQUIRED (cont'd) Steve Dickson (Monday, 29 May)

#REQUIRED attributes Steve Dickson (Monday, 29 May)

SVG and word wrapping McQueen, Craig (Sunday, 28 May)

tspan -- adobe and ibm viewers have bugs? Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (Saturday, 27 May)

The getStyle() method Kenneth Wallis (Friday, 26 May)

re: handling svg events in parent html document Bernd Grolig (Friday, 26 May)

Handling SVG events in parent HTML document Rine le Comte (Friday, 26 May)

SVG java bindings Keiron Liddle (Thursday, 25 May)

SVGSVGElement::currentView Steve Dickson (Wednesday, 24 May)

validation and exception handling Steve Dickson (Wednesday, 24 May)

Java Language Binding Probelm Bernd Grolig (Wednesday, 24 May)

Structure and Accessibility versus SVG Dave J Woolley (Wednesday, 24 May)

Linking from an HTML-page into a svg-document Herzog, Juergen (Wednesday, 24 May)

object-oriented access? Steve Dickson (Tuesday, 23 May)

attribute naming inconsistencies? Steve Dickson (Tuesday, 23 May)

Scripting with IE4.0 Herzog, Juergen (Tuesday, 23 May)

Another font name question Yardumian, Rick (Tuesday, 23 May)

Adding an SVG object by DOM... help req Scents (Tuesday, 23 May)

Drag & Drop Iyer, Srinivasan (MLIP - PCC) (Tuesday, 23 May)

svg, IE5 and IE5.5 Kiel, Paul (Monday, 22 May)

Linking from a html-page to svg element in different frame Herzog, Juergen (Monday, 22 May)

new Mayura Draw beta rajeev (Sunday, 21 May)

incompatibilities in font name specification Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (Sunday, 21 May)

SVG Spec Issues Srinivasan Iyer (Saturday, 20 May)

When will SVG 1.0 spec become final Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (Friday, 19 May)

Re: [Fwd: linearGradient:xlink:href #REQUIRED or #IMPLIED?] Jon Ferraiolo (Friday, 19 May)

DTD/IDL inconsistencies? Steve Dickson (Thursday, 18 May)

Seeking peer reviewers for SVG project Jason Elliot Robbins (Thursday, 18 May)

Modifying the "visibilty" rendering property Kenneth Wallis (Thursday, 18 May)

opacity, fill-opacity and stroke-opacity Thierry Kormann (Thursday, 18 May)

text-anchor and transform Thierry Kormann (Thursday, 18 May)

linearGradient:xlink:href #REQUIRED or #IMPLIED? Steve Dickson (Wednesday, 17 May)

how to animate a "donut" and watch with a current viewer? tobi (Tuesday, 16 May)

svg to post xml Justin Friedl (Tuesday, 16 May)

Selectable origin for rect other shapes Curt Arnold (Sunday, 14 May)

How to contol pan and zoom within a web page svg file Andre (Friday, 12 May)

Gradient Stop Inheritance Michael Schmidt (Wednesday, 10 May)

Re(2): SVGPathElement::getPathSegAtLength() Jon Ferraiolo (Wednesday, 10 May)

SVGPathElement::getPathSegAtLength() Steve Dickson (Tuesday, 9 May)

AW: How to reference symbols defined in a separate file? Herzog, Juergen (Tuesday, 9 May)

SVGFEMorphologyElement::operator Steve Dickson (Monday, 8 May)

How can I display SVG from HTML od XML docs ? Fish (Monday, 5 May)

SVGPathElement, pathSegLists Steve Dickson (Friday, 5 May)

How to reference symbols defined in a separate file? Herzog, Juergen (Friday, 5 May)

attribute problems w/exchange svg + adobe viewer Dave Apman (Thursday, 4 May)

Re: List items; are they intended to be unique? Jon Ferraiolo (Thursday, 4 May)

Any update on SVG Recommendation status? Tuttle . Cynthia (Wednesday, 3 May)

SVG vs. VML Alan Clark (Tuesday, 2 May)

Shape opacity and filter effects Russ Shotts (Monday, 1 May)

Re: SVGMarkerElement::markerUnits Jon Ferraiolo (Monday, 1 May)

path animation tobi (Monday, 1 May)

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