Re: SVGMarkerElement::markerUnits

You have identified a bug in the SVG DOM. The "readonly" specifier needs to
be removed for 'markerUnits' for interface SVGMarkerElement. Thanks for the

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG Editor
Adobe Systems Incorporated

At 10:13 AM 4/20/00 -0700, Steve Dickson wrote:
>Per the 2000/03/03 WD, SVGMarkerElement contains a readonly attribute
>markerUnits which is described as follows:
>"readonly unsigned short markerUnits
>Corresponds to attribute markerUnits on the given 'marker' element.  One
>of the Marker Unit Types defined above"
>markerUnits is a readonly attribute so it does not have an associated
>set/mutator method.  None of the other attributes within SVGMarkerElement
>define methods that would allow markerUnits to be modified.  How then is
>the user supposed to set the value of markerUnits?

Received on Monday, 1 May 2000 12:50:13 UTC