Re: linearGradient:xlink:href #REQUIRED or #IMPLIED?

Steve Dickson wrote:
> According to the WD 2000/03/03, section 13.2.2, the linearGradient element
> has as attribute
>                 xlink:href %URI; #IMPLIED
> however, linearGradient also contains, through the %xlinkRefAttrs entity,
> an attribute
>                 xlink:href CDATA #REQUIRED
> Maybe I don't understand these definitions properly, but how can an
> element have two attributes of the same name, one of which is #REQUIRED,
> the other #IMPLIED?

It can't have two attributes of the same name. It has two declarations of
the same attribute (this will be fixed) and the earlier occuring
declaration will win.

Thanks for the feedback!


Received on Thursday, 18 May 2000 06:26:49 UTC