Re: SVG vs. VML

>I am currently looking into implementing a vector graphics solution that
will be supported by all web browsers
SVG is heading towards standards status, and is a result of the
contributions of Adobe (PGML) and Microsoft (VML), both of whom, with the
help of other companies, submitted Notes to the W3C in an effort of
developing a comprehensive vector art standard for the Web. So SVG is what
you should count on as becoming the accepted standard.

VML is Microsoft. They went their own way, without regard to what way the
standards went. They did the same thing with XSL(T) -- made a
Microsoft-centric version of it without bothering to wait for the final

since an SVG plug-in is publicly available from Adobe, you can now create
code that you know people can see (Adobe has boiler plate code on their site
that allows browsers to load the plug-ins). Go to for more info.

chuck white
author of Internet Explorer 5 Developer's Guide, IDG Books Worldwide
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Received on Saturday, 13 May 2000 14:32:21 UTC