Optimisation / Sparse Matrices / How to subscribe

Dear List,

	A few questions:

	1) I am developing an XML dialect for optimization, intended to
extend the MPS format, and also be expressive enough for Nonlinear and
Stochastic Optimization, and maybe even for CLP. I would like to know how
this fits into the context of MathML.

	2) Is there any provision in XML for describing Matrices in sparse
form? Even better: In column form?

	3) How do I subscribe to this list? I couldn't find this info on
the w3 website.

Thank You,

Leonardo B. Lopes                                       leo@iems.nwu.edu 
Ph.D. Student                                              (847)491-8470
IEMS - Northwestern University              http://www.iems.nwu.edu/~leo