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character entities David Carlisle (Thursday, 27 August)

DSSSL Stylesheet for MathML David Carlisle (Thursday, 27 August)

minor corrections to mathml recommendation text David Carlisle (Thursday, 27 August)

comments Kostya 'KCC' Serebriany (Friday, 21 August)

New software coming soon Kostya 'KCC' Serebriany (Tuesday, 18 August)

Learn To Send Your Own Mass E-Mail artgir@linkonline.net (Tuesday, 18 August)

misprint Kostya 'KCC' Serebriany (Tuesday, 18 August)

Re: HTML3 MATH tag Neil Soiffer (Sunday, 16 August)

HTML3 MATH tag Michael Hamm (Sunday, 16 August)

conditionals in MathML Otto, Marcus, Mathe/Informatik (Friday, 14 August)

I don't understand Shailesh N. Humbad (Thursday, 13 August)

error Kostya Serebriany (Thursday, 13 August)

top level tags Neil Soiffer (Wednesday, 12 August)

Re: 'Bevel' fraction Neil Soiffer (Wednesday, 12 August)

'Bevel' fraction Kostya Serebriany (Wednesday, 12 August)

<fn> and occurence Kostya Serebriany (Wednesday, 12 August)

<math><sematics> ? David Carlisle (Tuesday, 11 August)

Charset and MathML Kostya Serebriany (Tuesday, 11 August)

[www-math] <none> Robert Miner (Monday, 10 August)

Windows clipboard (again) Kostya Serebriany (Monday, 10 August)

Windows clipboard (again) Kostya Serebriany (Monday, 10 August)

Dictionary Kostya Serebriany (Monday, 10 August)

[www-math] <none> chikago (Saturday, 8 August)

* in entity names David Carlisle (Friday, 7 August)

&Space; David Carlisle (Wednesday, 5 August)

Operators are not explained Kostya Serebriany (Wednesday, 5 August)

WebEq uses standard MathML ? Kostya Serebriany (Tuesday, 4 August)

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