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Re: [MathML3-last-call] mpadded attr example has a space it shouldn't Neil Soiffer (Wednesday, 30 September)

[MathML3-last-call] mlongdiv example has a mistake Neil Soiffer (Wednesday, 30 September)

[MathML3-last-call] Last mpadded example is wrong Neil Soiffer (Tuesday, 29 September)

[MathML3-last-call] Clarify how "symmetric" should be set by the Operator Dictionary Frédéric WANG (Monday, 28 September)

[MathML3-last-call] Image of the actuarial example does not match up the MathML source Frédéric WANG (Sunday, 27 September)

ARSPA-WITS'10: call for papers Alessandro Armando (Friday, 25 September)

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[MathML3-last-call] mathvariant Jacques Distler (Thursday, 24 September)

[MathML3-last-call] content model of mlabeldtr David Carlisle (Thursday, 24 September)

[MathML3-last-call] add a notion of "natural" direction for operators to prevent weird stretching Frédéric WANG (Thursday, 24 September)

[MathML3-last-call] default stretching for sum & int in chapter 3 contradicts operator dictionary Frédéric WANG (Thursday, 24 September)

[MathML3-last-call] dir listed twice for math element in schema Neil Soiffer (Thursday, 24 September)

update to OpenMath Content Dictionary site David Carlisle (Monday, 14 September)

"Publishing Math on the Web" session at AMS/MAA Joint Math Meetings Thomas E. Leathrum (Friday, 11 September)

Math ML w automatic voicing? Dalton, Elizabeth (Wednesday, 9 September)

SAC - Security Track: extended deadline 1 week (Sept 15th) COMPAGNA, Luca (Tuesday, 8 September)

Webcast of Mathematical Content Workshop - Wed 9th September 2009 J.Fine (Tuesday, 8 September)

SAC - Security Track: extended deadline 1 week (Sept 14th) COMPAGNA, Luca (Friday, 4 September)

Operator Dictionary MathML 2 vs. MathML 3 Max Berger (Thursday, 3 September)

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