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[Project Announcement] Improving MathML in Gecko & WebKit and Creating a collection of EPUB samples Frédéric WANG (Sunday, 24 November)

First Call for Papers: Conf. Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM 2014) Serge Autexier (Friday, 22 November)

W3C ENTITIES Combined Set Darton Williams (Saturday, 9 November)

MathML and dashes in element names Dimitri Glazkov (Friday, 8 November)

Fwd: [mpeg-OTspec] "CFP for Color Font Technology and MATH layout support" is now approved public document [2 Attachments] Chris Lilley (Tuesday, 5 November)

Implementation and use of MathML Andy Keyworth (Tuesday, 5 November)

RTL directionality in LaTeX Daniel Marques (Tuesday, 5 November)

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