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<mml:math>..., xsl and InputControl

[om] MathML draft Notes available for review

a question about <forall> element

Accented variables

Accented variables, and cancelling fractions

cancelling fractions

Comments on MathML Last Call

Content Markup dissertation

correct/simplify Content MathML

deprecated elements in MathML Test Suite

Does Mathematica support importing MathML content markup?

Entity-references and Doctype declarations

errata and comments, chapter C (first installment)

errata and comments, chapters 2 and 4

help: ci type='fn', plus

InputControl and special characters

InputControl applet in XHTML page

Last Call Working Draft of MathML 2.0, 2nd edition published

list of things...

Long identifiers allowed? Linking data to MathML identifiers?

Math-engines, Mathematica, Maple or ...

MathML conference in 2004 ?

MathML DTD update

mathml media type registered?

Notes on various Topics

Putting math on the web with MathML http://www.w3.org/Math/XSL/

Question ?

Question for the Math-oriented people: is an assignment a function?

Representing a set of value pairs?

script font rendering

type='relation' (Re: help: ci type='fn', plus)

Updated entity collection

Using MathML to describe the relationships between units-of-measure


XSL matching, that changes < into &lt; in one mathml section, while leaving other mathml sections to be transferred by pmathml.xsl

xsl transformation and special characters

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