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Allowing the for member syntax to enumerate key/value pairs in a map. Reece Dunn (Thursday, 17 December)

Improving support for user-defined annotations Reece Dunn (Thursday, 17 December)

Updated XPath spec Michael Kay (Wednesday, 16 December)

Variadic functions in XSLT Michael Kay (Tuesday, 15 December)

New grouping feature in XSLT 4: break-when Martin Honnen (Monday, 14 December)

Do tuple and union need to be reserved function names? Reece Dunn (Sunday, 13 December)

Allowing multiple let clauses in LetExpr and for clauses in ForExpr Reece Dunn (Sunday, 13 December)

XSLT 4 test suite? Martin Honnen (Sunday, 13 December)

Naming of arguments to built-in functions Michael Kay (Sunday, 13 December)

Bounded-variadic functions and focus-dependence Reece Dunn (Saturday, 12 December)

Extending element and attribute tests to NameTest unions Reece Dunn (Saturday, 12 December)

New XPath draft Michael Kay (Friday, 11 December)

Re-Proposal for variadic functions - the good the bad and the unacceptable Dimitre Novatchev (Thursday, 10 December)

Proposal for variadic functions Michael Kay (Tuesday, 8 December)

Built-in templates for maps and arrays Tom Hillman (Thursday, 3 December)

fn:slice() Michael Kay (Thursday, 3 December)

replace() and replace-with() Michael Kay (Thursday, 3 December)

fn:stack-trace Christian Grün (Wednesday, 2 December)

Re: Function naming: Problems and proposed solution Tom Hillman (Wednesday, 2 December)

New axes? Michael Kay (Wednesday, 2 December)

Bit functions Joel Kalvesmaki (Tuesday, 1 December)

xsl:template/@priority Joel Kalvesmaki (Tuesday, 1 December)

Allow variable before sort? Joel Kalvesmaki (Tuesday, 1 December)

Re: Range Expressions Mukul Gandhi (Tuesday, 1 December)

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