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I think the EXPath Binary module should meet your needs here, and I don't think a great deal would be achieved by raising its status to being a core part of the specification.

Michael Kay

> On 1 Dec 2020, at 15:14, Joel Kalvesmaki <> wrote:
> This is the third and probably most hairbrained suggestion I'll post today. Apologies in advance for idiocy.
> In writing XSLT functions to create hash values and to parse binary input, I have needed to write bit-type functions, e.g., bit:rotate(). I have done so on the basis of parameters tied to xs:boolean(). This feels to me like a hack, and I feel like I should be using a simpler data type with a smaller footprint. 
> Datatypes aside, would there be an advantage in introducing in XPath 4.0 a set of standard, common bit-type functions? (Understanding, of course, that there would need to be variations that treat variations in big- and little-endianness.)
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