Re: fn:foot, fn:truncate, fn:item-at

The latest version allows

slice($seq, -1)  to get the last item

slice($seq, $N) to get the Nth item

slice($seq, 1 to count($seq)-1) to get all but the last

and I thought that was probably good enough to make the individual functions unnecessary.

Would you agree?

Michael Kay

> On 2 Dec 2020, at 10:30, Christian Grün <> wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> In your first public XQFO proposal [1], I have found seen three
> functions (fn:foot, fn:truncate, fn:item-at) that have not made it
> into the latest specification documents. Are you still working on it,
> or did you deliberately decide not to include them in the new draft?
> Thanks,
> Christian
> [1]

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