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Allow variable before sort?

Allowing multiple let clauses in LetExpr and for clauses in ForExpr

Allowing the for member syntax to enumerate key/value pairs in a map.

Bit functions

Bounded-variadic functions and focus-dependence

Built-in templates for maps and arrays

Do tuple and union need to be reserved function names?

Extending element and attribute tests to NameTest unions

fn:foot, fn:truncate, fn:item-at



Function naming: Problems and proposed solution

Improving support for user-defined annotations

Keyword arguments [was fn:slice]

Keyword arguments and fn:serialize [was fn:slice]

Naming of arguments to built-in functions

New axes?

New grouping feature in XSLT 4: break-when

New XPath draft

Proposal for variadic functions

Range Expressions

Re-Proposal for variadic functions - the good the bad and the unacceptable

replace() and replace-with()

Updated XPath spec

Variadic functions and dynamic function calls

Variadic functions in XSLT


XSLT 4 test suite?

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