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[css3-namespace] Last call comments from XHTML2 WG

[Fwd: Re: XHTML Strict 1.1 Validation vs 1.0]

[FYI distribution note] Re: Role attribute values

[geral] Re: Confirmar baja de la lista

[XHTML Access] activate boolean? & asserting user control (update)

[XHTML Access] moving towards Last Call

[XHTML Access] must "activate" be boolean?

[XHTML Access] must "activate" be boolean? (not must, but should)

[XHTML Access] redefining keys and ensuring user control over "activate"

[XHTML Access] redefining keys and ensuring user control over "activate" (yes tighten)

[XHTML] Agenda: 2008-04-09

[XHTML] Agenda: 2008-04-16

[XHTML] Agenda: 2008-04-23

[XHTML] Agenda: 2008-04-30

[XHTML] Minutes 2008-04-09

[XHTML] XML Events 2 : script element, @implements

[XML Events 2] clarification request: WML reference

About iframe and object

ACCESS Comments on XHTML MIME draft dated Apr 23, 2008

Agenda 2008-04-02

Call for Exclusions (Update): XHTML Access Module

Call for Exclusions: XHTML Role Attribute Module

Draft response to: TAG comments on: "CURIE Syntax 1.0"

f2f meeting in Minneapolis

Fwd: Put <> around URIs. Re: draft CURIE draft feedback

Fwd: Role attribute values

FYI: Accessibility and Document Object Model (DOM) API Comparisons

FYI: Natural Language Usage: Issues and Strategies for Universal Access to Information (PF document)

GUI baggage [was: Re: Role attribute values]

HTTP Link Use cases

Initial telecon for the Rich Web Application Backplane XG

June FtF in USA: registration and logistics

Mails to old WG list

Minutes 2 April 2008

minutes 2008-04-16 XHTML2 call

Minutes 23 April 2008

minutes 30 april 2008 XHTML2 call [DRAFT]

PROPOSAL: Integrate ARIA attributes into the XHTML namespace

Redrafted response to: TAG comments on: "CURIE Syntax 1.0"

Regrets for 16 April

Regrets for today

Regrets from Yam (Re: [XHTML] Agenda: 2008-04-23)

Regrets this week

regrets to miss April 16th call (Yam)

Review of "CURIE Syntax 1.0" (PR#8036)

Role attribute values

Second last call: XHTML Role Attribute Module

TAG comments on CURIEs

TAG comments on: "CURIE Syntax 1.0"

TAG comments on: "CURIE Syntax 1.0" (PR#8035)

XHTML MIME draft updated for review

xhtml-access WD put up

XHTMLMIME draft updated

XML Base 2e

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