Re: Fwd: Put <> around URIs. Re: draft CURIE draft feedback

Yes, I have long meditated on the idea of suggesting the possibility of  

	<link rel="<>" href="..." />

but I don't think it means that the [] should or needs to be removed. In  
fact, you need both for consistency:

	dc:creator 	and	<>
in CURIE contexts, and
	[dc:creator]	and
in URI contexts.


On Mon, 14 Apr 2008 20:37:04 +0200, Shane McCarron <>  

> I don't hate this.  However, I am copying the XHTML 2 Working Group  
> because they are the keepers of the CURIE spec.  It would eliminate the  
> "SafeCURIE" production altogether, and instead change the URIorCURIE  
> production to be one where URIs are delimited. Mark?
> Tim Berners-Lee wrote:
>> This is a comment I made earlier in a TAG context but thought I would  
>> repeat here.
>> It seems silly to distinguish curies from URIs in a way which makes the  
>> short form longer.
>> Why not make the short curie the default, and allow a longer syntax for  
>> the case in which someone wants to put a full URI?
>> Thus not
>>     <a zref="[book:ch1]">
>>     <a zref="">
>> but
>>     <a zref="book:ch1">
>>     <a zref="<>">
>> or
>>     <a zref="[]">
>> This not only minimizes the number of characters in abbreviated case  
>> rather than the longhand case, it also uses a convention common  
>> elsewhere in N3 and SPARQL.  Clearly a superior solution, better for  
>> the documents and better for learning.
>> Tim

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