Re: XHTMLMIME draft updated

Greetings Shane, continuing the theme "making it easy" for the author 
strated in my previous note [1]. . . 

An illustration of the recommendations in the form of a template document 
would be useful. Perhaps building on the trivial document that is 

In addition, it would be a good demonstration of the guidlines if the 
subject document were itself to follow the guidelines.


Regards, Roland
IBM Software Group, Strategy, Software Standards

Shane McCarron <> 
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03/04/2008 05:09


XHTMLMIME draft updated

As per our discussion in the teleconference today, I have made some 
changes to the (still in development) update to the XHTML MIME 
document.  The new version is available at

Note that the diff marked version is against the last editors draft, not 
against the previous released version is inidicated.  I will fix that 
soon, but its late and I need some sleep.

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