Agenda 2008-04-02

Greetings, our next call takes place on 2008-04-02. We have finally 
completed the move to Summer time so the calls should be at the same time 
each week until we have to move the clocks again in the autumn.  Note the 
time is 13:45UTC! 

Please look at the actions recorded against you and clear as many as you 

Wednesday 13:45UTC,

Zakim bridge, code 94865 ("XHTML"), 
irc channel #xhtml. 

Previous minutes:, 

Regrets: None 

Candidate minute takers: Tina, Rich, Shane, Gregory, Roland, Steven, Mark, 



Outstanding Reviews: 
CSS Namespaces Module 
deadline for comments is 7 March 2008 
ACTION: Steven review CSS Namesapces module 
[recorded in] 
 [response to comment:] 
  ACTION: Steven to reply to CSS about default namespaces 
  [recorded in

 XML Base (Second Edition) - just come out that we should review.

Agenda Items: 
June face2face 
ACTION: Shane to set up meeting location for June 17 - 19. 
[recorded in] 

CURIE transition to Last Call:  status 
  ACTION: Shane to add a non-normative schema implementation to CURIE spec 

  [recorded in] 
  ACTION: MarkBirbeck - produce regular expression and URI/CURIE type 
  [recorded in]
  ACTION: MarkB to once CURIE draft pushed, post to public-xhtml2 list  on 
related Role issues 
  [recorded in]
  ACTION: Steven to send message about CURIEs last call 
  [recorded in]
  TAG Comments:

  ACTION: Shane to migrate Appendix C to the draft XHTML 1.1 second 
  [recorded in] 
  @lang, @xml:lang, and media type text/html

M12N transition to CR: status 
  ACTION: ShaneM - document that "such types exist" in m12n in document; 
MarkB will produce actual definitions 
  [recorded in]
  ACTION: Steven - point SteveB to new wording in M12n 
  [recorded in]

XHTML Basic 1.1 transition to Proposed Recommendation: status 
 ACTION: Shane to check bug in Basic 1.1 
 [recorded in] 
 ACTION: SP to get transition for Basic
 [recorded in]

XHTML 1.1 SE status 
waiting on M12N 
ACTION: Shane - add input mode to XHTML 1.1 second edition 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Group to reissue Ruby with schema additions 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Mark creates integration set example 
[recorded in] 

RDFa Syntax 
ACTION: Steven to reply to TAG that we disagree. 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Shane add a note that there is a risk that humans might perceive a 
CURIE as a URI. 
[recorded in] 

Role Attribute Module
Please review this with an eye toward resolving to go to last call 

ACTION: Shane produce disposition of comments of document for xhtml-role 
in preparation for a second last call. 
[recorded in] 
XHTML2 wiki 
What do we want to use it for? 
Should we also have a blog? 

ACTION: Steven to organise a new draft of XHTML2 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Steven to add text to embedding module saying how it works 
[recorded in] 

Access Module 
ACTION: Shane to add language to seciton 3.1.1 of xhtml-access to require 
user agent override of the activate attribute setting 
[recorded in] 

XML Events 2 
ACTION: Shane to update intro to XML Events to reflect its current scope 
of Handlers and Events. 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Shane to update "Introduction"(HTML->XHTML) and references to 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Shane to migrate @if and @while from listener element to the 
handler elements 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Shane to ensure that all listener events are shown on all elements 
in the Handler module. 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Shane to add text about context issue near where if and while are 
described with the action element in xml events 2 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Shane add a note that events do not bridge two DOMs 
[recorded in] 


More issues, see: 



ACTION: Gregory to put together a proposal for how to connect the access 
module into the event model. 
[recorded in] 


ACTION: Rich to sort out the proposal from Gregory as captured in 
[recorded in] 


ACTION: Shane to start implementing xml schema for xhtml 2.0 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Shane to split 8024 into two issues. 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: ShaneM to produce a vocabulary document that will go at the vocab# 
URI and use RDFa to annotate the items. 
[recorded in] 


ACTION: Steven convey reply about media type to pertinent parties 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Steven to reply to DanC's three comments on role 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Steven reply to Schema comments 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Steven to get advice from I18N group about international form of 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Steven to check Shane's schema comments 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Steven to create some role use cases 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Steven to propose a rephrasing of the about atribute inheritance 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Steven to reply to Alapetites message on datatypes 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Steven to reply to hr comment, and make it a CR comment 
[recorded in] 
ACTION: Steven to reply to script+cdata mail, saying we don't want to 
document it 
[recorded in] 


Regards, Roland 
IBM Software Group, Strategy, Software Standards

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