Re: Fwd: Put <> around URIs. Re: draft CURIE draft feedback

I don't hate this.  However, I am copying the XHTML 2 Working Group 
because they are the keepers of the CURIE spec.  It would eliminate the 
"SafeCURIE" production altogether, and instead change the URIorCURIE 
production to be one where URIs are delimited. 


Tim Berners-Lee wrote:
> This is a comment I made earlier in a TAG context but thought I would 
> repeat here.
> It seems silly to distinguish curies from URIs in a way which makes 
> the short form longer.
> Why not make the short curie the default, and allow a longer syntax 
> for the case in which someone wants to put a full URI?
> Thus not
>     <a zref="[book:ch1]">
>     <a zref="">
> but
>     <a zref="book:ch1">
>     <a zref="<>">
> or
>     <a zref="[]">
> This not only minimizes the number of characters in abbreviated case 
> rather than the longhand case, it also uses a convention common 
> elsewhere in N3 and SPARQL.  Clearly a superior solution, better for 
> the documents and better for learning.
> Tim

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