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aloha, shane!

1 quick question on a VERY quick pass of the xhtml-access WD you
pushed yesterday:

in section 3.1.1. the title of which is "activate = ( yes | no* )",
i assume that the asterisk trailing "no" demarcates that it is the
default -- if that is correct, then you need to encase the asterisk
in an acronym or abbr expansion, explicitly marking the asterisk 
as signifying "default", otherwise, the draft is guilty of using 
ASCII art, as trailing asterisks are NOT likely to be spoken when the
page is spoken -- in "real life" enunciation of the asterisk will 
occur extremely rarely, as one would have to increase one's normal 
punctuation level to a reporting level that would drive most people 
mad, or at least to distraction...  the only reason i "found" the 
asterisk is that, when i review a technical spec, i put punctuation 
mode to "all punctuation" so that i don't miss the subtleties of the 
text and examples...  moreover, the asterisk is a purely visual 
signifier, and i could not find any instance in the document which 
indicates that asterisks are used to indicate default values...

could you, therefore, make the following correction to the WD:

<h3><a id="sec_3.1.1."
>3.1.1. <code>activate</code> = ( yes | no<abbr title=" default"
>*</abbr> )</a></h3>

thank you -- more substantive comments to follow,
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> After a discussion with Roland today, I updated the xhtml-access 
> document to prepare for last call.  My shot at this is available 
> at
> I think it is ready to go, but I have been wrong before ;-)
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