FYI: Accessibility and Document Object Model (DOM) API Comparisons


the api and dom comparrisons document i mentioned at today's telecon, and 
which i am in the process of updating for open accessibility is located 

The classifications for the comparisons include:

   1. Navigations and Actions,
   2. Attributes,
   3. Selection and Focus,
   4. Editing,
   5. Spatial Mapping,
   6. Events,
   7. Relationships, and
   8. Preferences

note that i inherited the TABLEs in the document -- while i "accessified" 
the table markup, i'm not a big fan of stuffing so much information into 
a TABLE, but this is actually the format "preferred" by the implementors,
who just want to work off of the table; yet another reason i don't like 
normative tables and checklists -- implementors seldom read the actual 
document if they have a crutch to lean on, no matter how fragile that 

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