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Removal of Source Endpoint (wsa:From) - Feedback Ganapathy, Arunkumar (Wednesday, 28 December)

[destination] MAP and WSDL address Katy Warr (Wednesday, 21 December)

Minor editorial points to WSDL spec Katy Warr (Tuesday, 20 December)

proposed breaking change to echo global element declaration (Tuesday, 20 December)

IBM WSA interoperability public endpoint information. (Tuesday, 20 December)

Minutes of the 2005-12-19 teleconference Mark Nottingham (Tuesday, 20 December)

Updated F2F Afternoon Minutes (was: RE: TAG requests help with examples of WS-Addressing) (Monday, 19 December)

Regrets for 12/19, 12/26 Conference Calls Mike Vernal (Monday, 19 December)

Proposed Changes to WS-Addressing WSDL Binding Document Issue For Issue i059 Yalcinalp, Umit (Monday, 19 December)

Agenda: WS-A telcon 2005-12-19 Mark Nottingham (Sunday, 18 December)

i059: WS-Addressing SOAP Binding proposal David Orchard (Saturday, 17 December)

Amended proposal for i059 David Hull (Friday, 16 December)

Charter question David Hull (Friday, 16 December)

IBM WSA interoperability public endpoint information. Rick Rineholt (Friday, 16 December)

Minutes of the 2005-12-12 teleconference Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 15 December)

Minutes: XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Telcon 13 December 2005 (Tuesday, 13 December)

What 3.1.3 is trying to capture David Hull (Tuesday, 13 December)

Agenda: WS-A telcon 2005-12-12 Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 8 December)

Minutes of the 2005-12-05 teleconference Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 8 December)

tests 1150 and 1250 missing ReplyTo? Dan Diephouse (Thursday, 8 December)

test 1230 and 1231 appear to be the same Dan Diephouse (Wednesday, 7 December)

WS-Addr requirement for XMLP and issue 39rec Anish Karmarkar (Wednesday, 7 December)

ANNOUNCEMENT: W3C Web Services Addressing Interoperability Event Mark Nottingham (Tuesday, 6 December)

RE: CR10 : Refined proposal. Jonathan Marsh (Monday, 5 December)

Agenda: WS-A telcon 2005-12-05 Mark Nottingham (Sunday, 4 December)

Re: CR10 : Refined proposal. Hugo Haas (Friday, 2 December)

Action Item Yalcinalp, Umit (Friday, 2 December)

New Issue: wsaw:UsingAddressing as a policy assertion Jonathan Marsh (Friday, 2 December)

RE: TAG requests help with examples of WS-Addressing Newcomer, Eric (Thursday, 1 December)

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