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[ALL] agenda 13 May telecon 1500 UTC

[ALL] agenda 27 May telecon - 1500 UTC

[RDFa TC] Updates

[RDFa] Comments on the RDFa Primer

[Recipes] new editor's draft

[SKOS] comments on SKOS Primer 2008-02-12

[SKOS] ISSUE-44 (was: Suggestion for SKOS FAQ)

[SKOS] ISSUE-71, ISSUE-74 preparation for Washington

[SKOS] progress on SKOS Reference

[SKOS] proposal for ISSUE-83 SemanticsOfSchemeContainmentProperties

[SKOS] SKOS-XL & label relations

[SKOS] Washington Agenda

[VM] collected notes from reviewers on March 16th Editor's draft

Agenda - May 20 2008 SWD telecon - 1500 UTC

Explanation of Updates to RDFa Syntax

ISSUE-120: Ambiguous Situation with nested @rel where inner @rel is neither CURIE nor link type

Issue-76: SymbolicLabels

List of resolutions from the Face-to-Face meeting

meeting record: 2008-04-29 SWD WG

meeting record: 2008-05-01 RDFa telecon

Meeting record: 2008-05-13 SWD telecon

meeting record: 2008-05-15 RDFa telecon

Meeting record: 2008-05-20 SWD telecon

meeting record: 2008-05-29 RDF-in-XHTML Task Force

Minutes from tcon yesterday

Notations in SKOS

RDFa in the FAO FNA we site

RDFa Primer ready for Working Group review

RDFa tools

regrets for call this week

Regrets for Next Week

Regrets for these days... I could not join

regrets for this week

Regrets for today - won't be able to call in

Scribes for the remaining telecons

SKOS comment

SKOS comment: naming of hasTopConcept


SKOS: Also useful: Final Report to the ALCTS/CCS Subject Analysis Committee: Subcommittee on Subject Relationships/Reference Structures (1997)

SKOS: The difference between SKOS and WOL

SKOS: Very helpful collection of articles on relationships in KOS

Updated RDFa Syntax Editor's Draft

Use of owl:imports

WG Charter extended to 30 December

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