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SKOS: Very helpful collection of articles on relationships in KOS

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Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 01:40:43 -0400
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The most useful work on the subject of relationships in KOS  is still
Bean and Green(2001).  Less relevant to SKOS, and not as much fun to
say out loud is (Green et al. 2002). This examines the issue from a
much wider set of perspectives.

I note in passing that according to catalog.loc.gov, the status of the
first  volume is listed as "c.1 In Process 02-17-2004".  Are technical
services hogging the good stuff?  :-)

 [Bean and Green(2001)] Carol A Bean and Rebecca Green, editors.
Relationships in the Organization of  Knowledge. Information science
and knowledge management. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht,
2001. ISBN 0792368134.

Introduction. Part I: Relationships in the Organization of Knowledge:
Theoretical Background. 1. Relationships in the Organization of
Knowledge: An Overview; R. Green. 2. Bibliographic Relationships; B.B.
Tillett. 3. Thesaural Relationships; S.G. Dextre Clarke. 4. Standards
for Relationships between Subject Indexing Terms; J.L. Milstead. 5.
Relationships in Multilingual Thesauri; M. Hudon. 6. Relationships
among Knowledge Structures: Vocabulary Integration within a Subject
Domain; O. Bodenreider, C.A. Bean. 7. Relationships in Classificatory
Structure and Meaning; C. Beghtol. 8. Relevance Relationships; C.A.
Bean, R. Green. Part II: Relationships in the Organization of
Knowledge: Systems. 9. Relationships in Library of Congress Subject
Headings; L.M. El-Hoshy. 10. The Art and Architecture Thesaurus:
Controlling Relationships through Rules and Structure; P. Molholt. 11.
Relationships in Medical Subject Headings (MeSH); S.J. Nelson, et al.
12. Lateral Relationships in Multicultural, Multilingual Databases in
the Spiritual and Religious Domains: The OM Information Service; A.
Neelameghan. 13. Relationships in Ranganathan's Colon Classification;
M.P. Satija. 14. Relationships in the Dewey Decimal Classification
System; J.S. Mitchell. Index.

[Green et al.(2002)Green, Bean, and Myaeng] Rebecca Green, Carol A.
Bean, and Sung H. Myaeng. The semantics of relationships :an
interdisciplinary perspective, volume 3 of Information science and
knowledge management. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht; Boston,
2002. ISBN 1402005687.


PART I Types of Relationships Chapter 1 Hyponymy and Its Varieties D.
Alan Cruse Chapter 2 On the Semantics of Troponymy Christiane Fellbaum
Chapter 3 Meronymic Relationships: From Classical Mereology to Complex
Part-Whole Relations Simone Pribbenow Chapter 4 The Many Facets of the
Cause-Effect Relation Christopher Khoo, Syin Chan, & Yun Niu PART II
Relationships in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Chapter 5
Internally-Structured Conceptual Models in Cognitive Semantics Rebecca
Green Chapter 6 Comparing Sets of Semantic Relations in Ontologies
Eduard Hovy Chapter 7 Identity and Subsumption Nicola Guarino &
Christopher Welty Chapter 8 Logic of Relationships Christophe Jouis
PART III Applications of Relationships Chapter 9 Thesaural Relations
in Information Retrieval Martha Evens Chapter 10 Identifying Semantic
Relations in Text for Information Retrieval and Information Extraction
Christopher Khoo & Sung Hyon Myaeng Chapter 11 A Conceptual Framework
for the Biomedical Domain Alexa T. McCray & Olivier Bodenreider
Chapter 12 Visual Analysis and Exploration of Relationships Beth
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