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2007-07-26 SML Teleconference minutes question

[4774] Schema binding issue - proposal

[4774] Schema binding issue description - please review usecases

[4795] target required and null/empty/dangling references

[Bug 4617] SML Schema: The refer attribute in sml:keyref should be optional

[Bug 4618] Fix sch:rule samples to comply with the Schematron specification

[Bug 4628] Relationship between SML and schema 1.1

[Bug 4629] Relationship between SML and XPath 2.0

[Bug 4630] Clarify relation of SML and XML 1.0 vs 1.1

[Bug 4638] Conformance section needed

[Bug 4643] inheritance of identity constraints through substitution - align with XSD?

[Bug 4647] smlerr:output - why exclude node sets including text nodes, PIs, comments, ... ?

[Bug 4651] Definition of 'consumer' needs clarification

[Bug 4652] Should SML-IF be described at the octet level or the infoset level?

[Bug 4656] Restrict XPointer for SML implementations on top of relational databases?

[Bug 4657] Restrict the use of deref in sml:field/@xpath for SML implementation built on top of relational databases

[Bug 4658] How should deref() treat multiple child elements that use the same reference scheme

[Bug 4666] Should SML IF specify any minimum requirements for the encoding used in SML IF documents

[Bug 4676] why we did not use sml:reftype in documentURI

[Bug 4682] Attribute based reference schemes

[Bug 4684] Can sml:keyref refer to an xs:key/unique?

[Bug 4686] Review proposed text changes

[Bug 4686] Use schema terminorlogies to describe "xml schema valid"

[Bug 4687] Handling of DTDs when composing an IF document

[Bug 4691] Clarify that sch:rule/@context expression can't use deref() function

[Bug 4739] 5.1.3 smlerr output element node serialization

[Bug 4743] clarify SMLIF section 1

[Bug 4774] definitional schema documents should be preferentially used over all other sources when validating instances

[Bug 4780] Correct section 3.4 targetRequired such that targetRequired=true is not violated for empty or null references.

[Bug 4781] Make sml:uri tag have plain URI and do the same in the EPR example in the address tag. removing EPR reference parameters.

[Bug 4783] Change section to handle cases for invalid values of sml:ref=\"\" including \"false\".

[Bug 4795] Update so that its not enforce on empty or null reference elements

[Bug 4801] Think about making wording of bullet point 3 (if an SML identity constraint is specified for an element dec. E, then this constraint is applicable...) to be more crisp about the scope

[Bug 4802] For bullet points 4,5 (...XPath expression must conform to...) we should remove the BNF and refer to the Schema spec section instead and add that the xpath expression can also include the deref() function

[Bug 4803] Edit bullet point (A pattern MUST be evaluated for an instance by evaluation the rule elements...) to refer to the schematron spec

[Bug 4807] Look at sections in section 5 and see if we can make them more clear

[Bug 4823] In 3.3.6, Replace: If neither of these cases applies, the inter-document reference is to a document not included in the interchange set. Such a reference is called \"an unresolved inter-document reference.\"

[Bug 4826] Implementation of references that target non-root elements. Xpointer support in general.

[Bug 4827] Implementation of SML identity constraints that use the smlfn:deref() function in sml:field.

[Bug 4884] update the definition of a null reference to include the unimplemented-schemes case

[Bug 4906] In 3.4, don't write deref() function into the BNF

[Bug 4914] editorial changes suggested by webmaster

[Bug 4941] support for references pointing to elements other than root elements should be optional

[Bug 4976] Is "multiple targets" a reference error?

[Bug 4977] Schematron queryBinding attribute

[Bug 4978] Is smlerr:output necessary?

[Bug 4988] Incorrect reference to schema part 2

[Bug 4992] Object identity needs to be clarified

[Bug 4993] Remove the concept of "empty" and "dangling" references

[Bug 4994] Portable interpretation of "locator"

[Bug 4995] Scoping of sml identity constraints (key, keyref, unique)

[w3c sml] [4618] please review

[w3c sml] [4637] Construction of EPR Reference Scheme

[w3c sml] [4684] sml:keyref reference to xs:key/unique

[w3c sml] [4774] Schema binding issue description

[w3c sml] [4775] Change "skip" to "lax" processing

[w3c sml] [agenda] 2007-08-02 SML Teleconference

[w3c sml] [agenda] 2007-08-09 SML Teleconference

[w3c sml] [agenda] 2007-08-23 SML Teleconference

[w3c sml] [minutes] 2007-08-16 SML Teleconference

[w3c sml] [minutes] 2007-08-23 SML Teleconference

[w3c sml] Action 108 - tracking bugs

[w3c sml] Bugzilla Issue: 4639 - Cyclic SML models

[w3c sml] On recognizing, handling, and constraining SML references

[w3c sml] Schema 1.1 slides

[w3c sml][agenda] 2007-08-16 SML

[w3c sml][agenda] 2007-08-28 SML Toronto F2F

[w3c sml][minutes] 2007-07-26 SML Teleconference

[w3c sml][minutes] 2007-08-02 SML Teleconference

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issue 4636 What should SML say about fragment identifiers?

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