[Bug 4647] smlerr:output - why exclude node sets including text nodes, PIs, comments, ... ?


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------- Comment #2 from virginia.smith@hp.com  2007-08-28 06:19 -------
Section 5.1, last paragraph now reads:
"expression= an XPath 1.0 expression that evaluates to a node set. The
expression is evaluated in the context of the node selected by the context
attribute in the  parent sch:rule element. This XPath expression can use the
deref() extension function."

In section 5.1.4, first paragraph, the text "The serialization is only
performed if the node set contains attribute and/or element nodes. Otherwise,
no structured XML is serialized and an empty smlerr:errorData element is
has been replaced with the following new text:
"If the node set is empty, an empty smlerr:errorData element is returned."

**This brings up an issue in the next paragraph which specifies how element
nodes and attribute nodes are serialized.  How are other node types to be
serialized, e.g., text nodes?

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