RE: [4774] Schema binding issue description - please review usecases

I'm not quite sure what Constraint 4.3 is intending to say. Can you
clarify this?
Also, is schema assessment the same as schema validation?
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Subject: [4774] Schema binding issue description - please review

Hi everybody 

As discussed in today's call, I will make sure the proposal for the
schema binding issue will be made available on the sml public list no
later then end of day tomorrow so that you have time to read it and have
comments ready by the f2f next week. 

If at all possible I would like you to review the attached document
below describing the requirements and constraints related to this issue
and see if there are any usecases not covered that you may care about. 

Thank you,
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[w3c sml] [4774] Schema binding issue description



This is to (partially) complete action 113
(, on behalf of
Valentina, who's occupied by other tasks. 

The attached is a more detailed description of bug 4774
( Note that this is
only to describe the problem. Proposal(s) will follow. It helps for
people to get familiar with the background information and think about
ways to resolve it independently, before overwhelmed by proposal(s). 

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