[Bug 4691] Clarify that sch:rule/@context expression can't use deref() function


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The paragraph in Section 4 following the 1st code sample is changed to:

A Schematron pattern embedded in the xs:annotation/xs:appinfo element for a
complex type definition or an element declaration is applicable to all
instances of the complex type or element. In the above example, the pattern
Length is applicable for all elements whose type is IPAddress or a derived type
of IPAddress. A pattern element contains one or more rules and a rule element
contains one or more assert and/or report elements. Each rule specifies its
context using the context attribute. This context expression is evaluated in
the context of each applicable element and results in an element node set for
which the assert and report test expressions defined in the rule are evaluated.
The context expression is defined as an XSLT Pattern. This means that the
smlfn:deref function may not be used in the location path of a context

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