triage candidates

I tried putting together the list several ways, and bottom line couldn't 
settle on just one.
So for those content to use a program that understands xls, there are 5 
sheets in the file: bugs w/o milestone, w/o kw, 2nd draft and P1, 2nd 
draft and P2, all of the preceding appended together, sorted, and dups 
For those who prefer other programs (or editing machine code on the bare 
metal at 03:00 on a Sunday :-) the same content is in csv format.
If you think a bug needs any change to its milestone, kw, or priority 
fields, please do the following:
1. copy or rename, adding your surname to the end of the filename
2. make your edits on the "all together" set of data
3. remit the updated file to the list
As before, we will take all such "votes" for changes and discuss any cases 
where people have different ideas about where things land.  Let's say 
email by Tuesday night, so I can combine all the votes Wed morning.
I am assuming we have the following broad buckets of work:
1. No milestone - not targeted to any specific draft.
2. milestone="Second draft", priority="P1" - things we really want to 
close for the Sept draft so Schema wg sees a solid bit of content
3. milestone="Second draft", priority="P2" - desireable for Sept draft but 
might not make the cut off
Anything targeted to a draft must have a keyword so we know its state. 
Untargeted bugs may have keywords.
Since I've heard we were not entirely consistent about the P2 designation, 
seems likely some of those will change to P1s.  Maybe the opposite 
direction as well, if our priorities have changed.

Best Regards, John

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