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Tomorrow's BioRDF meeting Alan Ruttenberg (Monday, 30 April)

Fwd: [iic-seminars] IIC Seminar Reminder - Mark Musen Tim Clark (Friday, 27 April)

2007 Protege Conference: Deadline Reminder, Schedule Update Jennifer Vendetti (Friday, 27 April)

Next Cambridge Semantic Web Gathering Susie M Stephens (Friday, 27 April)

BioRDF / BIONT Call Susie M Stephens (Friday, 27 April)

ESTC 2007 Newsletter - 1st European Semantic Technology Conference, Vienna, May 31 - June 1, 2007 Ilona Zaremba (Friday, 27 April)

Tenth Bio-Ontologies Meeting, ISMB 2007 - Proceedings in BMC Bioinformatics Susanna (Thursday, 26 April)

Final CFP: ICLP 2007 Doctoral Consortium ICLP07 publicity (Thursday, 26 April)

Tomorrow's HCLS TC cancelled Eric Neumann (Thursday, 26 April)

Call for Papers: 1st Workshop on Business added-value of semantic technologies at ESTC 2007 - 1st European Semantic Technology Conference, May 31 - June 1, 2007 Vienna, Austria Ilona Zaremba (Wednesday, 25 April)

FYI: Galen extract in Manchester OWL Chimezie Ogbuji (Tuesday, 24 April)

updated version of bams (Monday, 23 April)

Final CFP: K-CAP 2007 Jeff Z. Pan (Monday, 23 April)

BIONT/BioRDF Call Susie M Stephens (Saturday, 21 April)

Re: PURL and PubMed ids Alan Ruttenberg (Friday, 20 April)

Extended deadline: CFP - SSW 2007 E. Segura (Thursday, 19 April)

Extended deadline: CFP - SASA 2007 E. Segura (Thursday, 19 April)

Re: adding pubmed ids to BAMS Alan Ruttenberg (Thursday, 19 April)

HCLSIG TC April 19 Eric Neumann (Wednesday, 18 April)

Ion currents Alan Ruttenberg (Tuesday, 17 April)

CfP: NETTAB 2007 Semantic Web for Bioinformatics: deadline extended Paolo Romano (Tuesday, 17 April)

Demo SPARQL notes Alan Ruttenberg (Tuesday, 17 April)

Today's call Alan Ruttenberg (Monday, 16 April)

BioRDF Telcon Susie M Stephens (Friday, 13 April)

new version of BAMS John Barkley (Thursday, 12 April)

CANCELLED: HCLS TC April 12 Eric Neumann (Thursday, 12 April)

Summer School "Reasoning Web 2007": Application Deadline Approaching Uta Schwertel (Thursday, 12 April)

Software Patterns Blog SPBlog (Thursday, 12 April)

Issue with Problem Oriented Medical Record OWL Ontology Noah Cohen (Wednesday, 11 April)

Bio-Ontologies SIG at ISMB/ECCB 2007 - Call for PAPERS and POSTERS Susanna (Wednesday, 11 April)

Bio-RDF 9 April 2007 conference call minutes posted Elizabeth Wu (Tuesday, 10 April)

introduction new member Rachel Richesson (Monday, 9 April)

Position for immune system reactome curator at EBI Suzanna Lewis (Monday, 9 April)

[hcls] Mappings of neuroscience ontologies and their advantages (Monday, 9 April)

CEO GUIDE TO THE WEB OF THE FUTURE Eric Neumann (Monday, 9 April)

Informal F2F Susie M Stephens (Friday, 6 April)

Finding a common standard for the representation of bibliographic information (Friday, 6 April)

SenseLab Ontology kc28 (Friday, 6 April)

Wiki page for HCLSIG feedback on OWL 1.1 updated Kashyap, Vipul (Thursday, 5 April)

Proposed RDF Representation Scheme for Entrez Gene and Homologene Kashyap, Vipul (Thursday, 5 April)

[hcls] Updated list of RDF data sources (Thursday, 5 April)

Minutes HCLS TC April 5 Eric Neumann (Thursday, 5 April)

HCLSIG TC April 5 (TODAY) Eric Neumann (Thursday, 5 April)

BIONT/BioRDF Telcon Susie M Stephens (Thursday, 5 April)

updated version of BAMS John Barkley (Thursday, 5 April)

Collaboration with Stan Huff/IHC Kashyap, Vipul (Thursday, 5 April)

new version of BAMS and list of molecule names (Wednesday, 4 April)

minutes BioRDF 02 April 2007 Olivier Bodenreider (Monday, 2 April)

Brief online interview with TBL on SemWeb - mention of HCLS applications William Bug (Monday, 2 April)

Re: BIONT/BioRDF Telcon June Kinoshita (Monday, 2 April)

first (almost) complete owl version of bams & updated "benefits" (Monday, 2 April)

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